Black+Decker Health Releases New Safety Devices for Seniors

Black+Decker is best known for its household and power tools, but today Black+Decker Health launched a new subsidiary, Black+Decker Health. This new company is designed to encourage mobility and security for seniors.Black+Decker Health has a few new products, dubbed "goVia", which are intended for home use. Each product in the goVia range can be connected to personal emergency response system, providing 24/7 monitoring through a monthly subscription powered by Medical Guardian. This national monitoring company is also available for purchase.The goVia devices can be worn and alert authorities to any medical problems, falls, accidents, or injuries. The same logic is used in the goVia products. Seniors or those living alone can instantly call for assistance.The device looks almost like a remote control. There are two versions. The goVia Move can be slipped into a pocket, or worn as a watch. When the emergency button is pressed within 300ft from the base device, it will link to you with help. This device costs $75 and is best suited for small spaces.The goVia Home device is $55, and provides personal emergency response for inside and outside the home. This version, however, covers a greater area, making it ideal for those who live on large acreages, farms, or other larger properties. The small tracker can be worn as a wristband or neck pendant, or you can call for help immediately using the base station. The tracker will work within 1300 feet of the base station, making it a more reliable option than the goVia Move. This technology works in a similar way to Apple Watch's fall detection, but it is more robust and has dedicated monitoring.The last wearable is the goVia mini. This one can be worn anywhere, not just in the home. You'll always be connected to someone if you need help. It has nationwide 4G LTE cellular coverage. You can also track your loved ones with GPS, Wi Fi, and triangulation. The device is the most expensive at $125 but it's a quick and easy way for seniors to get assistance.There are many applications for these home products, including seniors, people with dementia and those with injuries.Recommendations of Editors