Facebook's newsletter platform Bulletin is now live ' TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a cool new feature on Facebook: Live audio rooms allow him to announce product news. Zuckerberg met with his Clubhouse competitor today to announce Bulletin, a new newsletter platform.Bulletin was built on a different platform than Facebook. According to the FAQ, Bulletin depends on Facebook's infrastructure. This includes Facebook Pay, which allows you to buy premium subscriptions, join subscribers-only groups, and access live audio rooms.Substack and its competitors take a more hands-off approach in content moderation. Anyone can start a newsletter. Every writer on Facebook's Bulletin is hand-picked. Substack still faces criticism for its controversial SubstackPro program that commissioned specific writers to contribute to Substack. Bulletin will not be immune to Substack's problems, despite being heavily curated.Bulletin's initial list of writers includes Malcom Gladwell and Mitch Albom as well as Erin Andrews, Tan France, and Tan France. Bulletin also states that the beta program is U.S-centric with only two international authors at the moment. (We will be looking to add more international creators after the beta program launches, Bulletin says. Facebook pays its writers upfront for their contributions and doesn't intend to take a cut. Writers who decide to leave the platform will be able to keep their subscribers.