Startup wants to give you crypto'just let this orb scan your eyes first

Sam Altman will have his way. Your eyes will not only be the window to your heart.Worldcoin was founded by the former president of Y Combinator, a startup incubator. It uses eyeball scanning to exchange for a customized cryptocurrency. Bloomberg reports that the scheme uses "orb-shaped" devices about the size of basketballs to scan the iris and create biometric profiles. Bloomberg reports that 20 prototypes have been tested by the company in unnamed cities all over the globe.This crypto-for-iris scans plot has the purpose of promoting a universal basic income. It is built around a cryptocurrency that uses biometric data to identify its owner. Bloomberg reports that Worldcoin has been backed by Andreessen Horowitz, among others. Bloomberg reports that it raised $25 million.It is not clear if Altman's company has any connection to the Worldcoin cryptocurrency. CoinMarketCap lists it as trading as far back 2013 as well. To ask Altman about the Worldcoin connection, we reached out to Open AI (of which Sam Altman serves as the CEO). We did not receive an immediate reply.Altman isn't the only one to jump headfirst into odd projects. Altman gave Nectome $10,000 to save his brain and to kill him one day (yes, really) in 2018.Altman believes that people will be reluctant to give their biometric information to private companies in return for magic internet money.Regardless of your opinion, the man who publicly lamented in 2017 that San Francisco was not as open to controversial ideas as China wants to scan your eyes. The future is extremely dumb.