Tokyo Cafe's Robot Waiters Operated Remotely by Staffers with Disabilities

Robots are often seen as taking over jobs from humans. But, at a new Tokyo cafe, the reverse is true.Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe opened in Nihonbashi on June 22nd. It employs a fleet 4' tall robot waiters who can move around the city to provide customers with coffee, tea, sandwiches and other sweets.(Dawn Avatar Robot CafeThis is not the most innovative aspect of the business. Staff with disabilities can use the robots remotely to keep them at home.AdvertisementEach OriHimeD bot was developed by Ory Laboratory, which is a company that aims to reduce social isolation through technology. It comes with a microphone, camera, and speaker, so employees can communicate with customers at the cafe via their internet connection.Robots can move forward or backward, perform turns, grab and carry objects, and execute turns. Staff may also be able to control the bots using their eyes.(Dawn Avatar Robot CafeTime Out reports that Ory CEO Kentaro Yoshifuji, who has been suffering from long-term medical problems for almost three years, came up with the idea of remote-controlled robot avatars.AdvertisementThe cafe will provide job opportunities for those with disabilities and a platform to connect with others.Tourists will find the cafe a good alternative to the famous and totally insane Robot Restaurant.Due to the pandemic, the wild dinner show was shuttered in April 2020. It featured flashing lights and battling robots as well as dancers in provocative costumes.AdvertisementAlthough the website of the venue still refers to its temporary closure, many believe that the facade was removed in spring. This suggests that the robots are running out of juice.Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe is a good alternative. However, international tourists are not allowed to enter Japan at the moment. The new business, which is not like the Robot Restaurant, supports a good cause and won't give anyone a stress headache. It also features real robots, rather than actors.Dawn Avatar Robot Cafe can be found in the Nihonbashi Life Science Building. You can visit the cafe's website for subway directions, a preview of the menu and more information about the technology.