Manchin Backs Democrat-Only 'Infrastructure' Bill, Says Talks on Price Tag Ongoing

Senator Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.), said Tuesday that he supports moving forward on a Democrat-backed Infrastructure bill without GOP support via budget reconciliation rules.The Biden administration has attempted to pass additional legislation to expand health care, senior care and combat climate change. Manchin stated that he had assumed from the beginning that Democrats would have to pass such legislation through budget reconciliation rules. These rules allow the Senate to approve bills with a simple majority, instead of the 60 votes required to prove filibusterproof.We will have to reconcile it, and I've accepted that this is possible. Manchin stated that he has not agreed on the amount because he hasn't seen all the information.Manchin said that the Senate could negotiate the bill, but that Democrats would need to reconcile and do what they can afford.After President Biden stated that he wouldn't pass the bipartisan bill on hard infrastructure unless reconciliation was done, negotiations over a separate bipartisan bill were disrupted. Manchin stated Tuesday that the bills should not be connected.Manchin stated, "I will not vote for the other candidate because you havent guaranteed my vote for all."National Review: More