NSA 'focuses on foreign threats': Psaki pushes back on Tucker Carlson spying claims

Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, claimed that President Joe Biden's government is spying on him. The White House has downplayed Carlson's claim. Carlson told his prime-time viewers that a whistleblower from the government claimed the National Security Agency had hacked into his staff’s electronic communications. He is now "planning to leak these documents in an effort to take this show off air." BIDEN BACKPEDAL UNDERMINES CLAIM THAT HE'S A SEASONED DEAL-MAKER Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, directed reporter inquiries to intelligence community. Carlson was questioned by her. Psaki stated Tuesday that the NSA, as you are probably well aware, or anyone on this plane is aware, is an entity that focuses upon foreign threats and individuals who try, attempting, to do us harm abroad. Carlson didn't provide any evidence other than the fact that the whistleblower knew details about a story that he had received via text messages and email. He stressed that it was illegal for the NSA spy on American citizens and said that his team had submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to obtain all information the NSA or other agencies had on his show. He said that they had also contacted FBI and NSA press offices for comments. Spying on journalists of the opposition is against democracy. They almost certainly will do it to others if they are doing it for us. This is frightening, and we must stop it immediately," Carlson said. Biden said last month that he would not ask reporters for their communications records and described the practice as "simply wrong". After the Justice Department informed some of their reporters this month that former President Donald Trump had obtained their email logs and phones with court approval, Attorney General Merrick Garland met up with CNN, Washington Post and New York Times executives. Continue the story Psaki stated that he was alarmed at Trump's abuse of power and that in some cases career nonpartisan civil service employees often did their work with great professionalism, honor, and were placed in difficult positions. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINER Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, prosecuted nine cases of unauthorized leakage. This is more than any previous administration. Trump's first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, also led a crackdown on unauthorized leak cases, claiming that his department had tripled the number of investigations into unauthorized disclosures. Washington Examiner Videos Tags: News, Biden Administration. Joe Biden. White House. Jen Psaki. NSA. Tucker Carlson. Original Author: Naomi Lim Original Location: NSA focuses on foreign threats: Psaki rebuts Tucker Carlson's spying claims


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