Duolingo, Alphabet-Backed Language Company, Files Publicly Listed Document

June 29, 2021 2 minutes readThis article was translated using AI technology from the Spanish edition. This process may cause errors.Our friend, the owl, wants to be listed on United States Stock Exchange. According to Business Insider, Duolingo - a language platform backed Alphabet - Google's parent company - has submitted an initial public offer (IPO) prospectus in order to be listed on Nasdaq under ticker symbol "DUOL".Potential investors were briefed by the platform on its revenue and subscriber growth, with a last confirmed valuation of $ 2.4million in November 2020.The company didn't disclose its share prices or valuation targets. The platform had 40 million monthly users as well as 1.8 million paid subscribers at March 31, 2021, according to US media.This may interest you: A Guatemalan boy created a $ 700,000,000 company out of a desire to have a Nintendo.The Pittsburgh-based company also reported an increase of 129% in revenue, which reached $ 161.7 millions. According to CNBC, revenues of 55.4 million dollars were also achieved for this quarter. This represents a 97% increase over the previous year.Duolingo offers language courses in 95 languages, from the most commonly spoken to the most endangered languages in the world. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is backing the brand.Students can also use the app to take an English certification exam called the Duolingo English Test.