NRFI Night in America: Hammer Locks and Some Mean Leans

Associated Press We are on fire tonight and every Tuesday during MLB Season. What is an NRFI? It is a baseball betting proposition that stands out for "no run first inning," which means you wager there will be no runs in the first frame. (Unless you are betting the YRFIyes first inning. 2021 NRFI Record: 109-66 (62.3%) 109-66 (62.3%) 2021 YRFI Record: 24-24 (50.0%) Tweeted by @TroyHermo It has been a terrible few weeks for NRFI Nation. Last week's column picks went 1-5. Since sticky stuff is banned, it's almost impossible to cap games. Some pitchers have given up, and the confidence level of a nation that bets on six outs is not lower than it was this season. Even in the worst of times, I believe that any card can still have value. The numbers and my "The Map", my new stat sheet (which you can find at my Twitter), still show that there are winners in any market. Let's get started with three NRFIs, and two YRFIs. It's NRFI Night America. America's game. America's wager. Six outs, no runs and all glory. This is the fastest way to make a winning baseball bet. Hermo tip for betting NRFIs Smart sports investors don't fall for traps. The first-inning draw is essentially a NRFI. You get more coverage if it ends at 1-1. You get more juice? This is a simple fact. Always verify. Let the books do their job. Profit from your mistakes. By now, you all know exactly what to do and where. Each Tuesday I will review the stats for the first inning and analyze the hitters to provide the best possible plays. You can also find my daily plays in our B/R Betting section. DraftKings has odds for each NRFI line. NRFI Night America: The Hermo Hammer plays 2-Unit NRFI: Chicago Cubs (Zach Davies), at Milwaukee Brewers(Brandon Woodruff). -121 The Hermo map Zach Davies Pitcher Stats Brandon Woodruff 5-4(4.31) 2021 Record ERA/6-3 (1.89) 4.14 (13) 4.46 2020 Carrer Avg batters Facing in 1st 2.05 (22) 2020 1st Inning ERA/GS (GS), 0.69 (13) 4.58 2021 Avg batters Faced at 1st 3.69 7-5 2020 NARF Record 11-4 1.13 (8)/5.63 (16) 2021 2nd-InningERA/GS (GS/Away ERA/GS (GS).55 (8) N/Away (8) (7) Opponent 3.06 N/A Record NRFI Opponent 8.65 Ballpark ERA 3.48 The Scoop Brandon Woodruff's 4.80 ERA in the first inning doesn't tell all. This is due to the fact that Brandon Woodruff gave up five runs in a Coors Field slumber. This happens to the best pitchers. He is currently 11-4 for the year, with a 3-0 record against the Cubs. I love this one more because of Woodruff's statistics against the top five Cubs batters. Joc Pederson: 3-for-8 (0.375), 2 HR Kris Bryant: 2-for-20 (0.100), 0 HR Anthony Rizzo: 3-for-20 (0.150), 0 HR Javier Baez: 1-for-16 (.063). 0 HR 16 (.063). 0 HR Willson Contreras. 1-for-10 (.100), 1 HR 10 (.100), zero HR Joc is the only one to be concerned about. He was 2-for-18 (.111). Zach Davies will face his former team, the Brewers, for the first-ever time. It's a game of revenge. He has been pitching well and is coming off of the Cubs' combined No-hitter. He has shut out his first inning side 10 times in succession. He is in good form and I would love to see this matchup with an "under umpire". 1-Unit NRFI: Tampa Bay (Rich Hill), at Washington Nationals(Joe Ross). The map: Rich Hill Pitcher Stats Joe Ross (3.22) 2021 Record ERA (4-7 (4.12) 4.18 (71) 4.15. Career 1st Inning ERA/GS (GS), 4.18 (71) 4.15. 2020 Avg batters Facing in 1st 4.64 6-2 2021 NRFI Records 11-3 1.13 (8)/1.29(7) 2021 Home/Away1stInningERA (GS), 5.60 (5)/6.00 (9) 3.50 ((8)/3.55 (7) 2021 Home/Away) 5.74 (9) 4.08 Opponent N/A 2 NRFI Record Opponent N/A 2.53 Ballpark ERA 3.60 2-0 Ballpark NRFI Records 24-11 Joe Ross is a Ross Boss at home and holds a 24-11 NRFI record in Nats Park. Top five Washington lineup projections versus Rich Hill are favorable for NRFI. Kyle Schwarber is 1-for- 9 (.111), and 0HR Trea Turner is 0-for- 2 (.000). 0HR Juan Soto: N/A Josh Bell, 2-for- 7 (.286). 0HR Josh Harrison: 2-for- 6 (.333), and 1 HR The rest of the Card Chris O'Meara/Associated Press These are the maps. The bold areas represent the reasoning. KC-BOS YRFI –141 Brad Keller Pitcher Stats Nick Pievetta 6-8 (6.39) (2021 Record (ERA), 6-3 (4.00), 5.93 (88), 4.51 2020 Career Avg batters Facing in 1st 6.01 (16) 2021 1st Inning ERA(GS) 6.00 (15), 5.56 2021 Avg batters Faced at 1st 5.00 12.38 ((8)/7.88(8) 2021 Home/Away1stInning (GS), 6.75 (8)/5.05(8) 2021 Home/Away Home/Away ERA/Away GS) 4.57 (8)/Away GS) 4.57 (8)/3.40(7) Boston scores the most runs in the first inning (0.8 runs per match). Brad Keller, who was terrible in the first inning, will be up against me. He faces 5.6 batters per game. Guy is a living YRFI. NYM-ATL NRFI +110 Tylor Megill Pitcher Statistics Charlie Morton 0-0(4.15) 2021 Record ERA/GS 3.57 (273) 4.00 4.00 4.00 2020 Career Avg batters Fade in 1st.56 0.00 (1) 2021 First-InningERA (GS 1.23 (15) 4.00 2020 Avg batters Fade in 1st.56 0.00 (1) 2021 NRFI Record 7-2/4-2 4.15 (1)/N/A2021 Home/AwayERA (GS 3.88 (9)/3.41(6) Charlie Morton is a NRFI beast at his home. Tylor Megill, a young player in the Mets organization, put up good numbers in Triple A and looked great in his first start. The Mets are 25th in the league for first-inning runs at 0.4 runs per game. SD-CINYRFI -155 Blake Snell Pitcher Stats Tony Santillan 3-2 (5.29) 2021 Record ERA 1-1 (3.29) 9.00 (3) 4.19 2020 Career Avg batters Facing in 1st 4.67 (GS). N/A 4.09 2020 Career Avg batters Faced In 1st 4.67 (GS). 9.00 (3) 4.20 2020 Avg batters Faced 1st 4.66 (GS). 9.00 (2)/9.00 (1) 1.43/9.36 (8) 2021 Home/Away/Away ERA GS) 1.69 (2)/9.00 (1) Blake Snell was Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll at home: 0.00 ERA in seven begins On the road, Mr. Hyde: 11.74 ERA. Up against the Big Red YRFI Machine. Jesse Winker and Nick Cash-tellanos, Joey Votto. Hermo's Corner of Betting Advice How to enjoy sports action without having negative reactions from your family and friends. We've all been there. Someone has shamed someone for taking action at a cookout. There are many evils associated with gambling. Gambling can enhance and take the sport we love to new heights when done right. The most memorable moments are even more memorable. With the right information, it is possible to make them profitable. The problem is always that last part. This person most likely had a bad gambling experience. You have to prove that they are not gambling and that investing is more important. Many adults are familiar with the research involved in investing in stocks. Talk in their language. For each week, give capper percentages, unit-size breakdowns and profits and losses. Show the statistics that support the picks. You may have noticed that we covered having three cappers in your wallet two weeks ago. This column will give you consistent good information. This information is what will make the difference between "degenerate dart Dave", and "informative sport investor David." Never be a DDD. The best case scenario is to invite these doubters into the fray. Talking about NRFI stats, or any stats, followed by a prop for an app they can download. I've seen it work. They will understand once they feel the rush and love what we do. Don't be too nimble and follow the instructions. You should not feel guilty for playing something. It is best to reevaluate the units you have chosen. I can convince my anti-gambling parents to believe in the map, NRFI Nation and I can make any person believe. America's game. America's wager. Six steps to glory. Research is a good idea, and statistics don't lie. Let's make some W's.


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