We want to see a full All-Star Game Sho�

Shohei Ohtani, the unicorn of baseball, is MLB's need. The world needs to see him perform. Illustration by Getty Here's Shohei Ohtani, currently tied with Vlad Guerrero Jr. in the MLB lead for home runs with 26. He also ethering another baseball in his debut at-bat at Yankee Stadium. Advertisement Joe Sheehan made this point in his newsletter. However, because the All-Star Game has lost any semblance or seriousness, MLB needs to allow Ohtani to disregard the rules of a baseball league and let him pitch in the ASG and also be the DH. He should get a couple of ABs and then warm up in the pen for an inning. The game is essentially a long and complicated company picnic that everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. There's nothing to draw from it. Ohtani's involvement on both sides would make for a great story. Baseball needs stories. Imagine Ohtani taking the plate in the first innings in Denver, Colorado. Mets ace Jacob deGrom is on the mound. Ohtani is glaring at his glove. This is the matchup you should be watching in the Midsummer Classic. A few innings later, Ohtani is seen warming up in the bullpen before he takes the mound. Drama! It's hard to imagine Ohtani's filth facing off against San Diego's Fernando Tatis Jr.'s flair. This is the All-Star Game, creating moments that will be talked about for years to come. Ohtani is doing something that the sport hasnt seen for a century: hitting and pitching at All Star levels. Let's hope Rob Manfred, MLB Commissioner and his marketing-challenged team get this right and have us talking for years about Ohtani's work in Denver.