Just 27 Really Cool Pet Products You've Probably Never Seen Before

Click the "Customize Now" button before you add this item to your shopping cart. You can choose from seven wood colors and five print designs. Also, you can select how many hexagons, acrylic windows, shape, felt, and the size of the step. To help you make a decision, there are images of each option on the product page.BTW Enjoy the Wood, a Ukrainian family business, makes wood maps, notebooks and pet beds by hand.Promising review: "I absolutely love these cat hexagons, and so do my cats!" This purchase was both stylish and practical for my cats. Although assembly takes time, I didn't feel like I was going snap the pieces as some reviews suggest. To be safe, I bought more heavy-duty hardware before I assembled them. Igor, thank you for your great addition to my office! d rIt's only $59+ to get it at Enjoy The Wood by Amazon Handmade