Good Omens to Return for Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video

Crowley and Aziraphale in Soho. Image courtesy of Amazon StudiosThe first season of Amazons Good Omens adaptation was a good one. However, it did not cover all the elements of Terry Pratchetts and Neil Gaimans original novel. There were many fascinating details about the series world that begged for further exploration. For example, Crowleys millenia-spanning friendship with Crowley. The retail platform-cum production company has heard those who have prayed for more Good Omens.AdvertisementAmazons announced that Good Omens was greenlit for season 2. Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Crowley will reprise their roles as Aziraphale, and Crowley respectively. These two characters, who were friends from the beginning and became even closer after they survived the end of the world together, are now Amazons executive producers. Gaiman, who is returning as executive producer, said that the next chapter of Good Omens will incorporate ideas from Terry Pratchett's sequel.It's been 31 years since Good Omens was first published. This means it has been 32 years since Terry Pratchett & I slept in our respective rooms in Seattle at the World Fantasy Convention and began plotting the sequel.Gaiman explained that I was able to use a portion of the sequel in Good Omens. It's where our angels come from. Terry is no longer with us, but we talked about what we wanted to do in Good Omens and where we would take the story next.Crowley and Aziraphale in Soho. Image courtesy of Amazon StudiosGaiman explained that Good Omens' second season will include moments from Crowley’s distant past and Aziraphales’ present. This is part of a new mystery-focused series that opens with an angel who has been amnesiacally afflicted.People have many questions about what will happen next to Gaiman, their favourite Angel and Demon. These are the answers that you've been waiting for. We are back in Soho and, all through time, space and the solving of a mystery that began with an angel walking through Soho with no memory.AdvertisementAlthough there is no information yet about when Good Omens 2 will be available on Amazon Prime, the season will start filming in Scotland later this summer.Are you curious about where our RSS feed went. The new one can be found here.