'Batwoman' Lost Kate Kane, Replaced Kate Kane, Recast Kate Kane And Now Cut Kate Kane Again

Kate Kane #2 CWThere are many superhero shows that I watch, and most of them have been absurd. But Batwoman's handling of its central character has been a source of great amusement for me over two seasons. Season 2 ended with yet more confusion.Here's what happened:Batwoman, not to be confused with Batgirl, was intended to be the original comic version of the character, Kate Kane. She is a prominent lesbian superhero.They wanted an LGBTQ actress to be on the show, so they cast Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black.Kate Kane #1 CWAfter a brief stint as Kate, it was announced that she would be leaving the series at her own will. Although there wasn't any indication of ill-will, it was rumored that she did not like the long and often night-based shooting hours.What do you do if your Batwoman show is no longer starring Kate Kane? The show decided not to cast Kate Kane again, but instead created a new Batwoman and wrote Kane's disappearance into the show's main storyline for the second season. Javicia Leslie played the role of Ryan Wilder as Batwoman in season 2. The showrunner stated that they wanted to "reboot Batwoman as an entirely new character, and also respect all that Ruby did for the Kate Kane character."Batwoman CWIt didn't last very long. The show soon realized they couldn't just write Kate Kane off the series for good. They needed her to show up somewhere to finish her storyline.They did end up casting her and Ruby Roses Kate Kane became Wallis Days Kate Kane. This is a similar-looking actress from Krypton (the series, not the planet). Although Day's performance as Kane was a great success, many fans didn't like Roses' original, slightly wooden portrayal. However, now that Roses story is over, it seems that the show has lost Kate Kane. Wallis Day will not be joining the series as a permanent actor, nor is Dougray Scott, who plays Kane's father. The Kanes are out.Wallis Day commented on this. The implication that she would continue to play Kate Kane, a variant of Batwoman, alongside Leslies Ryan Wilder. But it seems like the show couldnt make two Batwomen work and were already committed to Wilders storyline. Perhaps they should have just recast Kane, a more mysterious actor, from the beginning. This is not Leslies fault. She stepped into the confusing whirlwind and did her best with an entirely original character without any comic roots.Batwoman will be getting season 3. This is confirmed at the moment. The Arrowverse seems to be winding down for the CW in a certain way. Supergirl and Black Lightning both are ending. Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and The Flash are also losing key cast members. Superman and Lois feels completely different from other HBO Max series and is almost like a HBO Max series. Although I don't know what the future holds, I would be surprised if we get through the next season without any Kate Kane-related drama. The series has indicated that it wants to move on with Batwoman while the fans are not.Follow me on Twitter and Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTubeSubscribe to my weekly content roundup newsletter, God rolls.My sci-fi novels, The Herokiller series and The Earthborn Trilogy are available on audiobook.