Shamima Begum poses 'no danger' and should be free to return to UK, says ex-US diplomat

According to Sam Tarling, a former US ambassador who met Shamima Begum in northeast Syria, Shamima is not a threat to British citizens.Shamima Begum is not a threat to the British public. According to a former US ambassador, Shamima Begum should be allowed to return home. She was recently freed from the same Syrian prison camp that held the Bethnal Green schoolgirl.After hearing that a former diplomat had obtained the release of a Canadian mother, Peter Galbraith said that Shamima was part of the group who have completely rejected the Islamic State. He also spoke to Shamima.Over the weekend, the Canadian woman was released from Roj camp in northeast Syria and was allowed to cross into Kurdistan. There she could request consular assistance. This was first reported by Global News.After helping to repatriate her 4-year-old daughter, Galbraith claimed he was instrumental in the woman's freedom.He said that her release was extraordinary and didn't represent a change of policy by the Syrian Kurdish authorities. They maintain that foreign governments must request information about their citizens before they release them.Roj camp, northeast Syria, holds thousands of children and women from other countries who were captured in the conflict against Islamic State. Sam Tarling for The TelegraphHe said, "This was a very special case." "I don't believe there is any change."Galbraith stated that the Canadian woman was threatened by IS supporters for rejecting the group. He said that she had also cooperated in the rescue of a Yazidi child who was enslaved and had given information to US law enforcement.He said, "There are many women who reject the Islamic State. I don't know if there is a lot of women who have been so helpful in law enforcement and, as her case was, the identifications of Americans who have committed major criminal acts."Before releasing the woman, the Syrian Kurdish authorities did an investigation on her. They concluded that she had not committed any crime according to Mr Galbraith.Continue the storyGalbraith had previously assisted in the repatriation of a German woman, three German-born children, and an American orphan, who were all held in Roj camp. He used contacts with foreign ministries, Kurdish officials, and diplomats from his 1980s time.Roj camp currently houses around 15-20 British womenRoj camp is home to more than 700 families from abroad who were under IS. It is guarded and maintained by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Western-backed militia which captured the last terrorist group territory in early 2019.Around 15-20 British women and their families are thought to be living in the camp. There are also citizens from about 50 other countries, most notably 30 Canadians.Canada's foreign ministry confirmed that it knew of a Canadian citizen who had crossed into Iraq from Syria.A spokesperson for Canada said that the Government of Canada did not assist in the security of the individual's departure from northeastern Syria. He cited privacy laws as a reason not to disclose further information.Roj Camp – Delil SOULEIMAN/AFPCanada's Government stated that it will not send consular personnel to northeast Syria, but would oblige citizens to reach Canadian diplomatic missions for assistance.Begum, a former London schoolgirl, was 15 when she traveled to Syria with two of her friends to live under Islamic State. Mr Galbraith believes that Begum is also worthy to be repatriated.He stated that the British government's basic position is that Shamima was somehow dangerous.Begum is challenging the British Government's decision to remove her citizenship. They claim she poses a security threat.The UK Government has removed the citizenship of 19 Britons from SyriaAccording to Reprieve advocacy group, the UK Government has taken away the citizenship of at most 19 of the 25 British citizens currently held in northeast Syria. They also claim that the true number is likely to be higher.Galbraith stated that Begum's inability to become a citizen meant that she would not be released without the help of a government. He said, "She doesn't have anywhere to go." "It is very important to note that the Canadian woman has somewhere she can go."Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State) reiterated Monday's call for countries to repatriate citizens from northeast Syria. He was speaking at an international meeting against IS in Rome.Head of the SDF called for repatriation for "tens of thousand of women, children, and Isis fighters," using an alternative acronym for IS.Mazloum Abdi posted on Twitter, Sunday, "We call upon the Coalition to help these people return to their home countries. Fund education and deradicalisation programs. Support stability and strong economic recovery within the liberated areas to address root causes of extremism."Anthony Blinken/REUTERS Joshua RobertsGalbraith said that he has a lot of advocacy work focused on IS victims and that he understands why foreign governments are reluctant to repatriate IS member.He said that "every foreign adult basically committed crime" about those held by the SDF."There are no doubts that these camps contain dangerous women. He said that governments should be prudent and take precautions.He said, however, that it was possible to make a judgment about who is safe or questionable. There are certainly some people who are unquestionably secure.Galbraith is also involved in the reunification of formerly enslaved Yazidi children and women with their communities. He said that Shamimas is a case that gets a lot attention, but other cases are treated with much less.