Letters: Readers discuss myths about Jesus, KCK injustice and the Royals' excuses

Historical errorI was shocked to see the antisemitic and historically incorrect canard in Sunday Star's letter to the editor. Jesus called out the rabbis from his time for their hypocrisy, and they executed him. (16A).Historical truth:Jesus was crucified by the Roman government and not the Jewish community nor the proto-rabbis who were alive during Jesus' lifetime.Even if they were aware that Jesus used the rabbinic method, it is possible that they disagreed with his conclusions and methods. Their methods are slightly different. But neither Jesus nor his rabbis were hypocrites.Jesus' crucifixion was not carried out by the proto-rabbis nor the Jewish community in Palestine. This is because, among other things, only the Romans had the power to execute capital punishment in Roman-governed Palestine.The Star needs to be more careful before publishing such garbage.- Rabbi Mark H. Levin Prairie VillageJustice takes timeName her: Natasha Hodge. Melinda Henneberger's brilliant reporting in Sunday Star continues to shine the spotlight upon the alleged criminal sexual conduct of Roger Golubski, a retired Kansas City police detective, and William Saunders (an ex-officer), who allegedly treated indigent Black women like slaves.Black Lives Matter. It is a shame that Nick Tomasic, former Wyandotte County district attorney, refused to do his job. Let's hope that the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department's new chief will immediately begin these investigations and allow these criminals to have their day in court.We, the Kansas City metropolitan area and all of Kansas City are watching and will not stop until justice is done.- Kathleen Kennedy, Kansas CityKansas is a great placeTime magazine's latest issue contains an extraordinary article about the creation of the computer microchip. It plays an essential role in managing daily utilities like appliances and automobiles, as well as carrying out a host of amazing applications that modern scientific instruments can perform.Continue the storyThis letter was written to counter the article omissions of Jack Kilbys invention of the microchip, for which he received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2000. He was employed by Texas Instruments. He is a Kansan, who was raised in Great Bend and attended high school there. It is amazing how few people know about him and his incredible history.It is worth noting that he was a recipient of the National Medal of Science, our nation's highest science award, with Geraldine Richmond, another Kansan and a Manhattan High School graduate. It was won by Kilby in 1969 and Richmond in 2013.This is why I couldn't resist sharing it with you.- Bob Kruh Manhattan, KansasExcuses and excusesAfter being a Royals paying customer for over 40 years, and having experienced all the trials and triumphs of this franchise, I don't think I have ever seen more sports columnists willing to ask tough questions of this team and Dayton Moore, the general manager.However, after listening to Lee Judge's explanation of the obvious while being Daytons' newest apologist (June 26, 7A Royals rookie pitchers struggles) it became painfully clear that no one wants this profession to be held accountable.The pundits' commentary seems to be like that of the current pitching staff: they are all over the place, rather than right down the middle in the case of a strike.- Todd Keach Olathe