James Corden 'Spill Your Guts' Petition Organizer Getting Death Threats

According to the petition, the woman behind James Corden's 'Spill Your Guts" segment on "Late Late Show", she is facing a lot of backlash... even threats to her own life.Kim Saira, the petition's creator, told TMZ that despite her support, she is still getting flooded by hate mail. Some even threaten to kill her daily.Watch video content at TMZ.comKim also stated that she was disappointed by James's indifferent response to her petition for an end to what she perceives as a racist segment towards Asians...has been a short statement during Howard Stern's radio interview.Kim believes James could end the hatred coming her way, some of it including racial attacks. But she isn't sure if he cares about what she's going though.We reported that James is accused of encouraging anti-Asian racism through "continuously mocking” Asian cuisines in his 'Spill Your Guts segment. This game sees him trying to get celebrities to answer difficult questions or to eat the food in front of him.James claims that the segment will change the food rather than cutting it altogether. They'll be eating grub that is bad for your diet and staying clear of foods from other cultures.