Visit Madeira partners with B2B event specialist Connections Luxury

Visit Madeira has partnered up with Connections Luxury, a B2B event specialist, to host this week's international summer showcase.The event will be held virtually throughout the week with 75 luxury suppliers meeting 200 travel agencies around the globe.Madeira's private sector will also be represented at the event, offering luxury products.Connections Luxury is part the Travel Weeklys portfolio and is an exclusive community for international decision makers in high-end, luxury travel.It pioneered the Connections Way format, which brings together sellers and buyers over authentic experiences in a destination.A ConnecTALKS educational panel will be featured on the programme, which will discuss the problems, solutions, and successes in selling luxury travel today.Nuno Vale is the executive director of Visit Madeira. He said that Connections will help raise awareness about this stunning region and all it has to offer luxury travelers.Unspoiled and unspoiled locations are what the new tourist seeks. Sustainable tourism is also important. Madeira is well-equipped to meet this challenge.Micaela Giacobbe is the managing director of Connections. She added, "We are thrilled to work with Madeira to show this small, but powerful destination to our luxury travel decision-makers."Madeira, a relatively new destination for luxury travelers today, is ready to receive visitors from all over the globe. This is an opportunity for our top-calibre agencies to build meaningful business relationships through the Connections Way with Madeira suppliers, so that they can book when it is convenient.