Facebook to publish interim compliance report as per IT rules on July 2, final report on July 15

Facebook, the social media giant, announced on June 29 that it would publish an interim report on Jul 2, as required by IT rules. It will also provide information about the content it has removed proactively between May 15 and June 15.On July 15, the final report will be made public. It includes details about user complaints and actions taken.The new IT rules, which became effective May 26, require large social media companies that publish monthly compliance reports to include details about complaints received and actions taken.This report should also contain the number of communication links or information parts that the intermediary has disabled access to as a result of proactive monitoring using automated tools.We will publish an interim report covering the period May 15 to June 15 in accordance with IT Rules on July 2. A Facebook spokesperson stated that the report will include details about content we have removed using our automated tools.A spokesperson said that the final report would be published on July 15th, and will include details about user complaints received as well as actions taken.According to a spokesperson, data about WhatsApp will be included in the July 15 report. This information is currently being validated.The July 2 interim report will not contain details of any complaints or actions taken. We are still validating the data. According to information on Facebook's Transparency Centre website, the July 15 report will include those details.These IT rules were created to protect digital platforms from abuse and misuse and provide users with a forum for grievance resolution. Social media companies must remove flagged content within 36-hours and delete content flagged for pornography and nudity within 24 hours.Important social media intermediaries (those with more than 5 million registered users in India) are also required by law to appoint a chief conformity officer, a nodal official and a grievance officers. These officials must be Indian residents.These platforms could lose their intermediary status, which gives them immunity from liability over third-party data they host. They could also be held responsible for criminal actions in the event of complaints.Facebook recently appointed Spoorthi Priya its Grievance Officer for India. However, WhatsApp owned by Facebook had appointed Paresh Lal its grievance officer in India.India is a key market for digital platforms worldwide. According to data recently cited by government, India has 53 million WhatsApp users, 41 billion Facebook subscribers, 21,000,000 Instagram clients, and 1.75 crore Twitter account holders.