Before Florida condo collapse, contractor took photos of damage in building's garage

Champlain Towers South partially collapsed. Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty ImagesJust 36 hours before the building collapsed, a contractor visited Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida. He shared photos with the Miami Herald showing cracks in concrete and corrosion under the pool.Metadata confirmed that photos were taken June 22. According to the Herald, the commercial pool contractor who requested anonymity, "there was standing water" throughout the basement-level garage. The deepest puddle was located near parking spot number 78. This space is located underneath the pool deck. In a 2018 inspection report Frank Morabito stated that there was "major structural damage" due to poor drainage.The renovation of the 40-year-old building was imminent. The contractor arrived to prepare a bid for the cosmetic restoration of the pool as well as to price new equipment. The Herald was told that the lobby and pool area were well maintained, but he was shocked when he entered the garage. He saw standing water and exposed and corroding steel in the equipment room.According to the contractor, he had spoken with a maintenance worker who stated that they had to pump the pool room so frequently that the motors needed to be replaced every two years. The contractor said that he thought it was unusual. In an interview with CBS4, William Espinosa - a maintenance manager at this building since the 1990s - stated that ocean water would enter the garage, and that the pumps could not keep up with it. Champlain Towers South condo association representatives declined to comment on the Herald.Two more bodies were found in the rubble on Monday. This brings the death toll up to 11. Authorities stated that 150 people are still missing and that search and rescue teams work around the clock to locate survivors.Continue the storyYou might also like7 hilarious cartoons that mock the Democratic Joe Manchin problemAccording to a poll, men are losing close friends at an alarming rate.Bernie Sanders wants to find out if a cannabis reporter is stoned right now