Damian Lillard Trade Rumors: Knicks Doing Prep Work In Case Blazers Make PG Available

Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty ImagesYou can expect half the NBA to visit the Trail Blazers if Damian Lillard is traded or tries to leave Portland. The New York Knicks will not be the only exception.Ian Begley, SNY, stated that "members" of the Knicks have been working on homework/prepar work regarding the possibility of Lillard being available via trade per sources.Lillard and Julius Randle would make a great pair. Are the Knicks really able to make a deal?For a package to be sent from New York, it might need all of Obi Toppin and Mitchell Robinson, Immanuel Quiley, and any future first-rounders. You might not be able to beat the offers from other countries.Would the Blazers rather have that than an offer of Ben Simmons, Tyrese Maxiey, and three to four first-round picks. Imagine if the Toronto Raptors created a package around Pascal Siakam? The 4th overall pick in this year's draft. Or if Golden State Warriors hang Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, and the Nos. 7, 14 and 15 picks?The Miami Heat could offer a package that includes Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo, though Kyle Lowry and Kyle Lowry might be more attractive options. Jaylen Brown or Marcus Smart could be offered by the Boston Celtics, although they may prefer to keep their young core intact than pair Lillard (31) and Jayson Tatum (23) in a different timeframe. Brandon Ingram could be a possible deal for the New Orleans Pelicans.There are many things to take into consideration. What franchises would LIllard consider playing for? Will the Blazers entertain offers for young players who can help them win right now? Or are they okay with going down to the bottom?It's difficult to imagine the Knicks offering the best offer in any situation. They might be able to attract enough future firsts and young players to make them a top team. However, the Knicks will likely be left out if there is a strong market for Lillard.At the very least, the Knicks should be in a good position. Begley reported that people in contact with the team recently got the impression that New York would be open to trading Lillard but would also be happy to continue a long-term approach with their roster if there was no opportunity.