36 Things For Your Kitchen Under $20 That Reviewers Swear By

Over 3,000 people have given them 5-star reviews. Many reviewers recommend it for stainless steel coffeepots. You just need to fill the bottle with warm water and drop one tablet in. Then let it fizz away! You can reuse your bottle right away because the tablet dissolves completely. BuzzFeed has a full article on Bottle Bright.Promising review: Bottle Bright deserves 10 stars. This product is truly a miracle. It was amazing to see Lori make an offer on Shark Tank. The other Sharks cannot use Contigo travel cups. It was the only thing I could do to save my Contigo travel mug. After a quick 10 minute rinse with warm water, the dark brown crust from the bottom of my Contigo mug was removed. The stainless steel underneath is perfect and shiny! It was nearly impossible to clean the bottle, despite trying everything. It was like nothing. To get rid of the staining, I added one more tablet to the hot water and left it for the night. It was so perfect that I had to rinse it out this morning. It was almost impossible not to add more coffee! The product did not have any odor and has no residual taste as it was sitting in the water. This product is amazing! Erica C.Amazon offers 12 tablets for only $6.88