YouTube TV launches 4K Plus upgrade for enhanced experience

YouTube wants to sign up new subscribers for its YouTube TV service in advance of upcoming sporting events such as the Tokyo Olympics or the MLB All-Star Game.YouTube's live TV service currently offers 85 channels at $65 per month. This week, the Google-owned streaming company announced a new 4K Plus Tier that includes 4K resolution, offline downloadings and unlimited simultaneous stream at home (exceeding current limit of 3), for $20 more per month.4K Plus will offer some of the most requested features to YouTube TV. This includes the ability to view 4K content on YouTube TV. Kathryn Smith, YouTube TV product manager, stated Monday, June 28, that 4K Plus will allow you to see 4K content for the first time. 4K Plus will allow you to view major sporting events in 4K. You can also access live content from ESPN and NBC, as well as content from other networks such as ESPN and NBC, college football and basketball later in the year. There is also on-demand content from FX and Discovery Networks.YouTube TV has added 5.1 Dolby audio capabilities to all YouTube TV subscribers. The feature will be available to selected devices in the coming weeks. This is in response to a request by current customers. The feature allows sports fans to skip to certain moments during a sporting event, whether they are watching it live or recording it. Similar to YouTube TV's ability to skip certain segments of news programs, this feature will be available on YouTube TV.You can test it for free for one month if you aren't sure about paying $20 more for 4K Plus (perfect for the Olympics! You can then get a deal which adds $10 to your monthly subscription fee for one year. YouTube TV with 4K Plus costs $75 per month for the first 12 months. After that, it will go up to $85.You will need a 4K TV to enjoy YouTube's enhanced viewing experience. Digital Trends offers a helpful buying guide and recommendations for the top 4K TVs under $500, whether you're looking for your first or an upgrade.Editors' Recommendations