Wow: 73.4% back on HBO Max. Stack w/ Amex Offer for nearly-free or great deal on ad-free

TopCashBack offers 73.4% cashback on HBO Max. Doctor of Credit confirms that the rate is valid for an annual subscription. However, I don't see any language that would make it questionable (still, you can reach out to confirm the rate and hopefully the rate will last long enough). This stack would be incredible when combined with the Amex Offer, which is good for $25 back on purchases of $99.99 or more at HBO Max.The DealTopCashBack offers 73.4% cashback on HBO Max This bundle includes the Amex Offer of $25 Back on Purchases Above $99.99, making an annual subscription less than $2 net.on. This annual subscription costs less than $2 when it is combined with the Amex offer for $25 back on purchases of $99.99 and more. TopCashBack direct linkKey TermsTopCashback might not approve the use of a coupon/promotional code. This could result in cash back being invalidated.Cash back will not be given if you return, exchange or cancel a part of your orderPurchases on sites other than HBO Maxs US do not countQuick ThoughtsWowie zowie! A 1-year HBO Max subscription without ads costs $99.99. A $99.99 subscription would give you $98.40 in cash back, with Top Cash Back offering $73.40 and Amex Offering giving $25. You can watch just one HBO Max movie each year, and that's enough to pay for the subscription.The details of the offer include a first purchase. This was not a problem in my household as we had one household member who hadn't subscribed. YMMV.Personally, I chose the $149.99 ad-free subscription. The subscription comes with 4K viewing when it is available, as well as downloads for offline viewing. T-Mobile's Magenta Max plan allows me to stream in 4K. I also have the option of downloading content as I expect to be back on the air in the next year. My net cost for add-free, with download capabilities, will be less that $15. TopCashBack returns $110.09 (assuming the track is correct) and $25 from the Amex Offer. HBO Max charges $14.99 per monthly for the ad-free plan. This is a great deal.Amex has been promising streaming credits for the personal Platinum card. I was hoping to wait, but this was my chance to get HBO Max at a fraction of the cost. In the event that something does not track correctly, I recommend keeping screen shots.H/T: Doctor Of Credit