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[ Aircraft Orders & Deliveries ] Pablo DiazUnited Gets First Boeing 737 MAX 8 8, Buildings Preparation For Mega OrderAfter completing its delivery flight from Boeing Field, United received the first Boeing 737 MAX 8 on Sunday. On Tuesday, the aircraft will be officially introduced with N27251 registration. The company is also expected to announce a significant narrowbody contract.The airline has 40 737 MAX 8s on order and expects to begin commercial flights in mid July. It will also include 13 737 MAX 8s throughout 2013. Initially, the jets will be based in Houston. From Houston, the 737 MAX 8 variant of the aircraft will first serve routes to Newark or Las Vegas.United is not unfamiliar with the 737 MAX family. It already flies the larger 737 MAX 9 variant, and awaits certification for the 737 MAX 10, the largest variant of the model. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is smaller than the 737 MAX 9 variant, and can carry 166 passengers. It also offers 16 first-class seats, and 150 in economy.The 737 MAX 9 can carry 179 passengers, with 20 first-class seats and 159 economy seats. This aircraft represents a significant improvement over the 737-900 that it currently operates. It also offers a better passenger experience with onboard WiFi and inflight entertainment.As it prepares to make the big announcement, the company is keeping a low profile about the reception of the new aircraft. This is because it wants to improve its carbon footprint and consumption efficiency as well as take advantage of a moment when prices are significantly reduced as manufacturers try to reduce the effects of the pandemic's cancellations and contract renegotiating.The 737 MAX 10 certification process will be complex and lengthy, based on the certification issues the 737 MAX had with the 737 MAX 8 version. This was tragically exposed in the two crash reports. Boeing will need to win back trust from the FAA, as shown by the recent setback with 777X.United must replace its Boeing 757 fleet. The A321XLR's capabilities make it an attractive candidate. It currently has 71 757s. 50 are the 757-220 variant, and 21 are the 757-302. This company covers domestic routes, as well as transatlantic flights with Europe. It anticipates receiving the first A321XLRs by 2024. A new order would enable it to retire its veteran fleet of 757s and provide some margin of growth, while unifying the equipment it uses to serve these routes, also known as long and thin.