Deaths of 3 young children under investigation as suspicious

LOS ANGELES (AP) Authorities are looking into the deaths of three children in Southern California. Their mother was taken into custody for questioning Monday. According to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lieutenant Chuck Calderaro, the children were all under three years old and found in their East Los Angeles bedroom after a family member called. They weren't breathing, and attempts to revive them failed. Calderaro stated that the mother of the children, aged 28, is being questioned. Interviews will also take place with other people who may have witnessed what took place in the home. The father of the children was not present at the time. Calderaro stated that it wasn't immediately clear what caused their deaths, and that autopsies would be performed. He said that there were no obvious signs of their deaths. According to the sheriff's office, preliminary information did not reveal any reports of child neglect or abuse at the home. They died after their mother was arrested for the April deaths of her three children.


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