Gwen Goldman serves as bat girl for New York Yankees, fulfilling 60-year-old dream

Gwen Goldman is the Yankees' bat girl for 60 years. She was turned down by the Yankees because she is female. (0:56).NEW YORK -- Gwen Goldman, 60 years after being rejected for her gender, finally became a Yankees bat girl.Goldman, 70, worked at Yankee Stadium on Monday night against the Los Angeles Angels.Ron Hamey, then general manager, had rejected her. He wrote to her on June 23, 1961, saying: "While we agree that girls can be as competent as boys and would be an attractive addition to the playing field, but I'm sure you understand that this is a game that is dominated by men. A young woman like you would not feel at home in a dugout.Brian Cashman, the Yankees' current general manager, said that he was forwarded an email from Goldman's daughter Abby. He wrote this letter on June 23rd, saying that he had been forwarded an email from Goldman's daughter Abby. "... It is not too late reward and recognize your ambition in writing that letter to me as a 10-year old girl."Cashman said that while some dreams may take longer to realize, a goal should not lose its value over time. "I am a mother to a daughter and I hope every girl has the chance to pursue her dreams into the future."Goldman, wearing a Yankees uniform, threw out a ceremonial pitch to Tyler Wade. Then, he stood beside Aaron Boone during the national anthem.After meeting Boone, Boone stated that she thought it was "really cool". "I believe you're going see her probably take out balls at some point to home plate. It's going to be a great experience for her, and one she will remember for a long time.New York extended the invitation in part of their annual HOPE Week, which stands to Helping Others Persist & Excel.