Small but mighty, the Benelux hotel market post-pandemic : Tuesday, 29th June 2021 : 4Hoteliers

Investors still want to explore the opportunities in a region where it has always been a leader.The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic in Europe impacted hotels throughout the Benelux, and all establishments reported exceptional declines.The closure of hotels, furloughing employees, and travel restrictions were imposed. Hoteliers in the Benelux have been able to navigate in a post-Covid world by embracing a global vaccination rollout.This report examines which destinations performed better than others, and what moratoriums could be implemented in the region.We also provide a bird's eye view of the domestic lending market. Despite the fact that the hospitality industry has been shaken to the core in the last 12 months, we show how investors still want to explore investment opportunities within a region that historically has weighed above its weight.You can download the complete article here