Southwest offering 25K points for referring your company's travel manager

Southwest Airlines will offer 25,000 Rapid Rewards points to anyone who refers a company's travel manager through SWABIZ. SWABIZ is Southwest Airlines' business-booking channel. According to my reading of the terms, it looks like 25K points is possible if your company's travel manager is willing and able to register with Southwest Airlines. However, you will need to fly a round-trip flight within 90 days in order to receive the 25K points. This seems like a good deal.The DealSouthwest Business offers 25,000 Rapid Rewards points to companies that refer their company. The company travel manager must agree to receive emails from Southwest Business. If your company is eligible to enroll, your company has 30 days to register in SWABIZ. Once your company has been enrolled in SWABIZ you will receive an email letting it know that you have 90 days to book via for one qualifying revenue round-trip flight. Additional instructions will be included in this email regarding how to earn the bonus of 25,000 points. You will earn 25,000 bonus point when the round-trip flight qualifies for the required period of 90 days. You will earn 25,000 bonus points if your company is a part of a managed relationship.Refer your company to earn points. The company travel manager agrees that he/she will receive email from Southwest Business. One of the following things happens:Important DetailsConditionsReferring your company to Southwest Business could result in 25,000 Rapid Rewards Bonus Points1. Register & ReferRegister between June 28, 2021, and September 30, 2021 (Promotional Period) and fill out the registration form with the information about the travel decision-maker for the company that you are referring. You will not be eligible for the 25,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points if the company you refer already has a SWABIZ Account, a managed contract, or a business relationship with Southwest Business.At the time you register for this promotion, your Southwest Rapid Rewards account numbers will be required. To register as a member of if you don't have a Rapid Rewards number, go online to Rapid Rewards accounts can be opened for free.2. 2. Earn Rapid Rewards Bonus Points Based On Your Company's JourneyYou will receive 25,000 Rapid Rewards bonus point if the company that you refer does not have a SWABIZ or managed contract with Southwest Business. Southwest will not send you an email if you or your company has opt out of receiving emails. Your individual Rapid Rewards Member Rapid Rewards number is what is called Linked Rapid Rewards Member. It is linked to your Southwest Corporate ID number, which you have provided to Southwest prior to booking and during the flight. You can enroll in Rapid Rewards to link your Rapid Rewards account with the Southwest Corporate ID number of the company you referred. Before you book or begin travel, all of the steps (i) to (iii), described above, must be completed. Valid for new qualifying revenue flights booked through SWABIZ in the Post-Enrollment Period. Qualifying flight is a round-trip revenue flight booked on Southwest Airlines through SWABIZ from an origin to destination city, and back to the originating or carrier-recognized airport. This promotion will not apply to flights booked before the end of the Post-Enrollment Period, or not completed by midnight on the last day. This promotion does not apply to charter flights, group travel and Southwest Vacations packages. Companion Passes, Southwest Vacations packages, Southwest Vacations packages, Southwest Vacations packages, Southwest Vacations packages, Southwest Vacations Packages, Southwest Vacations packages, Southwest Vacations package bookings, bookings, Global Distribution Systems bookings, Rapid Rewards points reservations, and bookings are not eligible. This promotion is valid for Southwest Airlines published scheduled services. Promotion eligibility may be canceled if the itinerary is changed after purchase. You will receive 25,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points if the company you refer is approved by Southwest Business to have a managed relationship with Southwest Business. No further action is required.3. Reward yourselfPlease allow up to four weeks for your Rapid Rewards bonus points. The Points Adjustment will show your bonus on your statement.This promotion for referring your company is not transferable. Rapid Rewards bonus points do not count towards Companion Pass, A-List Preferred or A-List Preferred qualification.This offer may be cancelled at any time and is subject to change.One referrer per company ID number is eligible to receive Rapid Rewards bonus points. This will be the person who submits the first referral Southwest receives. If you give Southwest false information or name, you will not be eligible for the referral bonus. You will not be eligible for the 25,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points if Southwest Business cannot reach you or the company you refer does not have a relationship with Southwest Business. You will not be eligible for the 25,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points if the company you refer already has a SWABIZ Account, a managed contract or a business relationship with Southwest Business.Southwest will have sole and exclusive authority to resolve any disputes between referrers of the same company. All decisions made by Southwest are final and binding. Southwest reserves all rights and any other Rapid Rewards rules and regulations.All Rapid Rewards rules, regulations and policies apply. Southwest reserves the rights to modify, suspend or change the Rapid Rewards program rules and/or Rapid Rewards program rules without notice. The Rapid Rewards members do not have any property rights to their accrued points. Southwest determines the number of Rapid Rewards points required for a specific Southwest flight. This will depend on where you are traveling, when you travel, how long you plan to stay, what time of day it is, how much demand there is, what type of fare, redemption rate, and other factors.Quick ThoughtsThe process is very straightforward. Fill out the form to refer your company's travel manager at SWABIZ. You will need their name, email address, phone number, and Rapid Rewards number. They will then receive an email with a link allowing them to accept to receive information from Southwest Business about travel management solutions. You will need to fill out the form with your name, email, job title and annual travel spend. If the company is eligible for a managed partnership, you will be able to get 25K points. If the company is not eligible, you will have 30 days to sign up. After that, you will be able to book a qualifying round-trip revenue flight through to earn 25,000 Rapid Rewards points. If you think that this is a great deal, and if SWABIZ enrollment is as simple as it appears, then buy YMMV.Some companies might not be eligible for Southwest Business booking due to the requirement that they travel a certain amount of annually. You should also note that your company must be eligible for the SWABIZ account if you want to earn points. To get points, you will need to book the round trip once your company has enrolled. It must return to your city of origin according the terms.Remember that your company will only have to enroll in the offer for 90 days after they enroll. Your company will also have 30 days to register once you refer them. This could still be a great deal for travelers who are eligible and those whose companies might qualify. These points cannot be used to earn Companion Pass or elite status according to the promotion terms.