Kayaker picking up trash spots plastic bin ' with a human leg inside, Ohio police say

When he made a grim discovery, a kayaker who was doing good at a lake in Ohio got more than he bargained.According to Delaware County Sheriff Russell Martin, the man discovered a leg of a human in a plastic bag at Alum Creek Lake. This led to police being present at the reservoir. Investigators found more human remains in another tote a few hours later.Martin stated that the discovery was made Monday morning at 8 AM. According to the sheriff, the kayaker claimed that he regularly picks up trash and found the bin in a quiet area near the shore.Martin stated that the floating tote appeared to have a human leg as he approached it in a livestreamed news briefing by WBNS.The kayaker called the sheriff's office. Deputies were dispatched to the lake, along with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (Obama Department of Natural Resources) and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations (Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations), the sheriff stated. It is not known who the leg belongs to, or how long it was in water.Martin stated that the plastic bin was pulled out of the lake by its weight. Initial authorities didn't know what else was in the bin.According to WSYX, investigators found Monday afternoon that a body of a man was in the tote. He has yet to be positively identified.Alum Creek Lake, located in Delaware County approximately 20 miles north from Columbus, is a man-made lake.Arkansas man creates his own engagement ring. He is left shaking from his shiny find in Arkansas parkYou're a little bear, what's the matter? A boater takes a black bear swimming in the Ohio River.Owner claims that the mysterious shark head washed up on Ohio River was an accident.