KCPD motorcycle hit by bus on highway shoulder, bursts into flames, police say

According to police, a motorcycle belonging to a Kansas City officer was destroyed by a bus while the officer was trying to talk with a driver who was speeding on the shoulder.It happened at 9:30 AM in the Northland, Interstate 29 near N.W. According to Capt. Leslie Foreman is a spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department.According to police, the officer pulled over the Chevrolet sedan for speeding. His motorcycle was parked on his shoulder with its emergency lights flashing. Police said that the officer was walking towards the sedan when a yellow bus struck his motorcycle, sending it flying towards the Chevy's rear.According to police, the motorcycle's fuel tank burst, causing it blaze to pieces. Police described minor injuries to the Chevy driver who was parked on his shoulder.He was able to avoid the collision and escaped injury. He was not injured. Police also reported that the driver of the bus was uninjured.Police said that all three vehicles were severely damaged and were removed from the scene. The Kansas City Police Department is currently investigating the accident.