Prosecutor: At Idaho Capitol, Bundy, co-defendant decided 'rules don't apply to them'

The trial for Aaron Schmidt and Ammon Bundy, who were both arrested at the Idaho Statehouse last year, is under way.After authorities claimed they refused to leave the room while it was being cleared, both were taken into custody in the Lincoln Auditorium at Idaho Capitol on August 25, 2020. The Statehouse was later barred from both men for one year. Bundy was again arrested the next day for trespassing, but that charge was later dropped. Bundy was also taken into custody twice during April's legislative session, for violating his one-year-old ban.The Jury Selection began Monday morning at the Ada County Courthouse, Boise. It continued into the afternoon. Opening statements were given later in the afternoon by Whitney Welsh, Ada County Deputy Public Prosecution Attorney.Welsh explained to the jury that the case and the related charges stem from two people who decided that the rules didn't apply to them. Welsh stated that Bundy was physically removed from the scene by Idaho State Police officers and didn't participate in the booking at Ada County Jail.Welsh asked the jury whether the men were guilty of misdemeanors and was told that the state had sufficient evidence to support the charges.Bundy's attorney Sam Bishop told the jury that Bundy did not violate any Statehouse rules that day. Bundy was peacefully detained by Scott Bedke, the House Speaker.Bishop stated that he was not breaking any rules. He was entitled to be there.Schmidt, who is representing him in court, said that Bundy and Schmidt could be convicted. This precedent could allow anyone with power to trespass on public property, even legislators.Schmidt stated to the jury that I was within my rights to be at the Capitol. I was calm and followed the rules.The testimony began Monday afternoon after a long day in court. ISP Sgt. Blake Higley.Continue the storyHigley is an executive protection sergeant at ISP. He told the court that a committee hearing had been moved from Lincoln Auditorium into another room after a spectator refused to leave a designated area. Higley stated that Bundy was found in the press area after the other man was taken into custody. He remained there until the meeting in another part of the Capitol ended. Higley stated that Scott Bedke, the House Speaker, told troopers to clear the auditorium. Bundy refused.Higley stated that people in the Lincoln Auditorium were repeatedly asked to leave. Higley stated that Bundy did not respond to troopers and he remained at the designated press area. Higleys testimony states that Schmidt entered the auditorium and remained there after receiving a second verbal warning. Both men were taken into custody, and they were transported to Ada County Jail.At around 5:30 p.m. the proceedings were halted. The trial will resume Tuesday morning at 8:30. The trial is expected to continue through Thursday. It did not appear that Higley had finished his testimony for the prosecution on Monday evening.