Bloodhound tracks missing 6-year-old girl to an abandoned shed in Tennessee, cops say

Fred, a K-9 who helped to locate a missing 6-year-old girl, has made it safe.According to a Rutherford County Sheriffs Office post on Monday, the bloodhound was credited with saving Kinzleigh Reeder from an abandoned shed near central Tennessee on Friday. It also led police to her father who is accused of abducting her.Fred Tidwell, Fred's handler, shared his excitement about the moment that the dog found the girl missing. I took the chicken reward from my pocket. He took the chicken reward out of my pocket and ate it.Kinzleigh was missing for over a month before Fred could locate her. Fred found her in a small, poorly ventilated outbuilding that smelled of ammonia. The search was assisted by DeKalb County Sheriff deputies.Ray said that the windows had been boarded with steel and that there was very little food and water. According to police, the couple had been using a 5-gallon bucket for a toilet.According to the Rutherford County Sheriffs Office, Fred smelled Nicholas Reeder's item and traced the scent to an outbuilding just behind a house. Officers had to open the door because it was reinforced from within.We gained entry to the building and found the suspect and child hiding behind blankets from a makeshift clothesline. Rutherford County Sheriff. According to the Facebook post, James Holloway stated that. Everyone was ready to stay on the scene until the little girl was safe and out of harm's way.Kinzleigh's father was arrested by deputies on charges of neglect or child abuse. WKRN reports that Reeder had been granted custody of his daughter but had also received warrants for custodial interference.According to the news station, the 6-year-old is currently in the custody of Tennessee Department of Childrens Services officials.Continue the storyFred was also rewarded with extra pizza crusts and chicken.Fred was also highly praised by Facebook users. Bravo, Fred! He got a nice steak as a reward, one commenter on the post by the sheriff's office. Amazing! Fred, you are a great guy! Another comment was made.According to a Rutherford County Sheriffs Office post on Facebook, Fred found a 13-year-old missing runaway boy in March. According to the sheriff's office, this rescue was Fred's first since joining the department in 2020.Georgia cops arrest woman accused of killing mother and kidnapping twins infants.Officials from Georgia say a Georgia firefighter died in a boating accident while on a family vacation to a lake.Husband reported that Husband was missing and was found dead by a tractor gunner in the back. The SC coroner saidWashington rescuers report that a lost hiker survived 8 days on berries, river water.