PGA Tour to end weekly testing for COVID-19 in late July

The PGA Tour will end its COVID-19 weekly testing program at July's end, regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated. Players will not need to submit a negative test to be eligible to play at the 3M Open in Minneapolis. Only those who have not been vaccinated or who have had contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19, will need to be tested. "We are happy to announce, following consultation with PGA Tour medical advisers, that testing for COVID-19 won't be required as a condition to compete beginning with the 3M Open," Tyler Dennis, senior vice president of the PGA Tour, wrote in a memo to all players. The tour has yet to announce how many of its players have been vaccinated. Andy Levinson, the tour executive, stated that just over half of the vaccinated players were present at the Memorial Tournament in early March, when Jon Rahm quit as a leader due to a positive test following his involvement in contact tracing. The testing program was implemented by the tour starting with the June 2020 return of competition. Each week, players, caddies, and PGA Tour staff had to take a test. A positive result could mean withdrawal or isolation. The stipend paid to players who test positive under the new edict will be ended. Players with symptoms will be able to have testing done. The tour recommends that all players get vaccinated. In April, the tour announced that testing would be stopped for all who were fully vaccinated. However, it would continue the program until September for those who hadn't been vaccinated. The new edict will be in effect from the week of July 20,


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