Jalen Rose Apologizes After Saying Kevin Love Made USA Olympic Team Due to 'Tokenism'

AP Photo/Chris SzagolaJalen Rose, an ESPN analyst, apologized for remarks he made regarding Kevin Love, a Cleveland Cavaliers player, being part of Team USA at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.Rose stated that Kevin Love was on the team due to his tokenism last Thursday at Jalen & Jacoby. Do not be afraid to form an all-Black team for the United States of America.Rose addressed these comments in an Instagram video posted Monday."But you understand why I'm apologizing now?" He said, via Michael Lee at Yahoo Sports. "Because I am what the game made of me. You know what I wouldn't want to do? I was raised by all-time greats. I will not disappoint Jeanie Rose, my late mother (Roses), or the all-time greats who raised me."USA Basketball executive director Jerry Colangelo stated that Love's Olympic experience and being on the London 2012 team that won gold in London gave him an advantage over Julius Randle, a New York Knicks player. Colangelo said that the five-time All-Star also brings other strengths to the table.Love is the most doubtful member of the 12-man roster. Love has only made 103 Cavs appearances in the last three seasons. The 2020-21 season was his worst. He was 6'8", and averaged 12.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, and shot 40.9 percent from the floor. His 36.5 percent shooting from beyond the arc was also impressive.Rose stated on Jalen & Jacoby that Love was not the best player on a Cavs team of 22 wins, a title which would likely go to Collin Sexton.Colangelo may not be able to answer the questions of Love's inclusion.