Two games, 14 goals, one giant killing: The best day in Euros history?

Last update on. From the section European ChampionshipFrance and Croatia were both World Cup Finalists. They went on an unforgettable day at Euro 2020.It was the greatest day ever for Euros.After late goals inexplicably overturned 3-1 deficits, two games were sent to extra time. There were 14 goals total, which was the second-most in competition history.There were 18 goals in four games last Wednesday, but today's drama of 240 minutes gave that record a run for its money.Copenhagen saw a bizarre own goal and substitute heroics, as well as "broken hearts" at Full-Time.Bucharest saw a wonder goal and a penalty shootout.Chris Sutton summarized the situation on BBC Radio 5 Live with "Magic Monday." It was an amazing evening.It was simply football at its purest form.A game of epic proportions with "unspeakable sadness"Luis Enrique, Spain manager, said it was an "epic match" with a "beautiful end". However, Nikola Vlasic (Croatia midfielder) thought his heart was as big as a house. Then it broke when we conceded twice."These emotions sum up the excitement that Spain experienced as it advanced to the quarter-finals after a 5-3 win over Croatia.Enrique's side was rocked by substitutes for Croatia Mislav Orsic, and Mario Pasalic scoring twice in the final five minute to bring back 3-1. Spain rallied after the additional 30 minutes added drama.Enrique said, "I have experienced really intense matches as both a player or manager but this one truly had everything.""I'm open to games like these if we have another, but I don't know if my family and the fans feel the exact same!""The match ended in a beautiful way - it was a great opportunity to win again. It was an incredible match. This was the most intense game I have ever played in my entire career.Vlasic described the scenes of joyous celebrations by the Spaniards as a contrast to the devastation of the Croatians, calling it "unspeakable sorrow".He told HRT that he was overwhelmed when he scored twice in rapid succession to draw level and then his heart broke after he conceded twice.ITV's Graeme Souness, a former Scotland midfielder, said: "We've been waiting to see the competition come alive and it did tonight. It was the most exciting game so far in the competition."The greatest game on earth"If there was one game that could challenge for the title "best so far", it was the one in Bucharest, when Switzerland stunned world champions France.Didier Deschamps' team trailed at halftime, but Karim Benzema scored two goals and Paul Pogba scored a spectacular long-range goal to put them in control.Haris Seferovic of Switzerland and Mario Gavranovic from Serbia then demanded extra time. The shootout ended with Kylian Mbappe, France's superstar penalty kick.Roy Keane, a former Republic of Ireland midfielder, told ITV that he was sucked into the game as a neutral. It's why it's so great.Granit Xhaka, captain of Switzerland, said that they had "made history", while Yann Sommer, goalkeeper, called it "crazy"."What a game! What a night of football!" It is amazing, and it is beautiful. But, how we came back from two goals down during the game... He said that he was proud of the team."We believed in our beliefs, and we said that even if we're down, we would persevere to the end. We had the chance to succeed. It's amazing how much we played."Anything is possible, but it is always football. We believed it. Although we are small, our team has a lot of experience and quality. It was evident.Hugo Lloris, France's goalkeeper, added that: "We went through all emotions and that was football as we like it." We were really hurt by the two goals that we conceded in just the last quarter hour.