YouTube Theater will be a new 6,000-seat live entertainment arena in California

YouTube, like the rest of tech industry had to make the transition from live events to virtual ones earlier this year. It shuttered its studio space for creators and musicians. Four months later, after the pandemic had subsided, YouTube, a Google-owned video platform, is now open to live entertainment. YouTube has partnered up with Hollywood Park, a nearly 300-acre megadevelopment in Inglewood California to host a huge live event.The "YouTube Theater", a three-story, 6,000-seat arena that will host performances ranging from traditional concerts to those you might associate with its name, will be the "YouTube Theater". The site's dedicated group of gamers and vloggers will be able to enjoy eSports, creator and community shows, and even eSports. Los Angeles Rams or Chargers, whose SoFi Stadium seats 70,000, may also be in attendance. All those gigs, meetups, and tourneys will feed into the company's main platform, which will provide content for livestreamed or on-demand content that YouTube users can watch.YouTubeWith the support of Live Nation, the Hollywood Park project already has gathered a diverse group of pop stars to perform in the YouTube Theater. The venue will be graced by Pitbull, Black Pumas and Trippie Redd, as well as Marina and the Diamonds.The site was once a historic racetrack that Hollywood royalty frequented. It is now being transformed into a huge mixed-use development with almost 3,000 apartments, a stadium, 300-room hotel, and a retail area of 890,000 square feet. Construction of the theater is expected to be complete this summer.It wouldn't be YouTube without social interaction. The venue will have a large exterior screen where guests can view clips and mirror their faces. Google could use it to showcase the products it sells in its new retail store in New York City.YouTube isn’t the only video service that has attempted to cover live events. However, its scale may be superior to those of its closest competitors. Netflix is the world's largest streamer. It owns New York's Paris-based movie theater. They also organize live comedy events. To promote their latest blockbusters, Disney and Hollywood often attend Comic-Con. YouTube's top creators, who range from pranksters and serial toy openers to beauty-and makeup experts, will be eager to get on the 6,100-foot stage.