Microsoft rolls out the first Windows 11 preview

Windows developers and Windows fans can now get their first taste today with Microsoft's first preview for Windows Insiders. This preview will showcase the new interface with a centered taskbar, redesigned Start menu and improved window management. Some of the more advanced features like integrated Microsoft Teams chat or Android app compatibility will require you to wait. You can sign up online or through the "Windows Insider Program” section of Windows 10's settings to try the preview build. To test the preview build, you will need to ensure your computer meets the minimum Windows 11 hardware requirements. Microsoft will make an exception for systems that comply with the Windows Insider program requirements. It's confusing. Microsoft's compatibility application will tell you if your system passes. Microsoft The first Insider Preview Build 22000.51 looks very similar to the leaked build we reviewed a few weeks back. There are some notable changes, however: The File Explorer now features a cleaner command line, the Microsoft Store app has an updated UI and you can customize your touchscreen keyboard. You'll also notice the enhanced docking experience if you have an external monitor and a laptop. This will place Windows in the correct places whenever you plug your monitor into it. When you disconnect the monitor, its open windows will be minimized to your task bar.