WWE HOF'er Nikki Bella Apologizes for Making Offensive Comment About Chyna in 2013

Jordan Strauss/Invision/APWWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella has apologized Monday for an offensive comment that she made about Chyna, a fellow Hall of Famer, during a 2013 appearance of Fashion Police.Bella wrote, "I am sorry for my 29-year old self, which offended Chyna, and in turn hurt her family and friends," "I wish it could be reversed. It's not worth hurting anyone's feelings just for a silly laugh.Recently, a clip from the show gained popularity on social media. The video's brief clip features Bella holding a photo of Chyna, and she says, "We don’t know if that’s a man, or a woman."Representatives of Chyna, who was killed in 2016, stated that Bella had reached out to them privately to offer their condolences.The statement said, "Please stop attacking me." The family has received her apology. She has become a better person. There is no hatred or Ill will. Do not be afraid to build up each other. Chyna believed that forgiveness is possible.As many women in WWE's Attitude Era were, Chyna was ahead her time. She didn't see the benefits of the promotion taking women's wrestling seriously.Ivory was defeated by Chyna for the WWE Women's Championship in Wrestlemania X-Seven 2001. She also won the Intercontinental Championship twice.