Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Likely to Produce Lasting Immunity, Study Finds

Scientists reported Monday that the vaccines Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech triggered a persistent immune reaction within the body, which may have protected against the coronavirus over many years.These findings are consistent with growing evidence that people who have been immunized with mRNA vaccines don't need boosters. This is as long as the virus or its variants don't evolve significantly beyond the current form, which isn't guaranteed. Even if the virus undergoes a major transformation, people who have recovered from Covid-19 may not require boosters.This is a sign of how long-lasting our immunity from the vaccine is, according to Ali Ellebedy, an immunologist from Washington University in St. Louis, who led the study that was published in Nature.Although the study did not include the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Ellebedy stated that he expected the immune reaction to be less long-lasting than the mRNA vaccines.