New word processor plays Sublime's

Lou Dog the Dalmatians dream powered this performance of What I Got. Screenshot: The Official SublimeWe tried to write the entire article in Sublime Text to see if it would work. We wanted to hear Sublime Text play through a loop of What I Got. However, we gave up to switch tabs to confirm that What I Got was actually released in 1996. Our experiment proved to be a failure.AdvertisementSublime Text's concept is simple, but it remains difficult to understand how to use it as a writing tool. The user is asked to enter the text in a large box to be able to hear Long Beach's biggest hits from start to finish. The audio will stop if you stop typing for, say, a half second. It will pick up again if you start typing again. Inadvertently, you also start to type the lyrics to the song that you want to hear.This is a great idea, but it's a terrible idea for anyone who wants to concentrate better when writing. Even if you absolutely need the Sublime single to help you get in the right frame of mind to write your next American novel (about smoking marijuana on the beach). Maybe this concept can still be improved and Sublime Text will become a writing interloper instead of a muse. We will only know the outcome of this experiment when it comes to Sublime Text. We don't have a crystal ball.[via Boing Boing]Email great job tips and internet tips to