Tour de France will sue woman whose sign caused massive crash

Marc Hirschi, a Swiss cyclist, looks very happy that so many people came out to support him. Photo by Anne-Christine Poujoulat ( Getty Images)A woman was seen moving out in front of the cameras to display her hand-made sign during Saturday's first stage of the Tour de France. She was so excited to let everyone know that she had written Allez Opi Omi! (basically: lets go, grandpa–grandma!) on a piece cardboard. This enthusiastic supporter didn't notice that Tony Martin, Germany, was following her. This is the result of her lawsuit by Tour de France.The sign-holder fled the scene after Martins' huge fall, which left many spectators and cyclists seriously injured. France24 reports that Jasha Stterlin (a German rider) was also forced to withdraw from the race. The Tour de France deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault said that while police continue to search for her, he is now suing her.AdvertisementIt may be better for Tour de France just to put more barriers between competitors and fans to prevent this from happening too often. However, riders involved are clearly pissed at the fans behavior.Tony Martin, the huge pile-ups rider zero posted an Instagram message saying he is fine.He concludes, "Use your head or stay home!" We don't want you to be here. We don't want you to risk our lives and dreams because we work so hard.Given the news, we assume that Martin will have to answer all of these questions and also wear a Groucho costume for the rest their lives in order to avoid the legal wrath from the Tour de France.[via The Washington Post]Email great job tips and internet tips to