Woman wears same Hawaiian shirt for 264 Zoom meetings in a row

One woman's quest to live in an eternal island of time. Screenshot: Inside EditionOut of all the positive developments that have occurred in the past year of pandemic, it is our use for video conference calls to conduct remote meetings that has produced the most results. We've seen Zoom horror movies, Zoom make people teary-eyed, Zoom allow doctors to multi-task by performing surgery on virtual court dates, and Zoom have made it possible for us to see:AdvertisementWe have a woman, for whatever reason wearing the same Hawaiian shirt on 264 Zoom calls consecutively just to see if anyone noticed.Inside Edition interviewed the woman who works for a Washington, D.C. non-profit agency. She gave her first name Jackie to help understand the motivation behind the experiment.She relates her second day of bizarre quest, "Wouldn't it be funny to wear this shirt again?" It would be funny and everyone would make a joke of it. But no one said anything. Then I thought, "Well, I'm going to keep doing that until someone notices."Jackie stayed true to her guns during 264 calls. However, she admits that there were many ups and downs. She explains that she was initially like, "This is funny!" Then, she would say, "Oh, I still wear this" and it would be hilarious again.She hoped someone would ask her to change clothes for important meetings but no one said anything. To end her party-time purgatory, she had to go back to work last week to tell everyone what shed she had done.This just shows that even living through a nightmare plague is not always a bad thing. If you're like Jackie and choose to wear a bright shirt for most of it, it can be quite fun.Advertisement[via Boing Boing]Email great job tips and internet tips to gji@theonion.com