The People Still Going To Trump Rallies Are Committed To Trump's Fantasy: 'He's Our True President'

One Donald Trump supporter stated that Jesus Christ would have had to come down and tell him that Biden won before he could believe it.Shannon Stapleton / Reuters Supporter of Donald Trump at his first campaign rally after the presidency at the Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington, Ohio on June 26.WELLINGTON, Ohio - When Donald Trump's first post-presidential rally was over, Rep. Jim Jordan bragged about the possibility of a 2024 presidential election. Someone screamed 2021! This was the common theme of the Save America rally that took place Saturday at the Lorain County Fairgrounds, Wellington, Ohio. It's unlikely to happen and the explanations for why it might are rooted in lies, misinformation, and deceit. Some people believe he never gave up being president. Anita Lee (45), a visitor from St. Louis, said that he won. He is our true president and I don't think he will be eligible for office in 2024. Trump supporters wore red hats with Make America Great Again printed on them, along with an anti-Biden T-shirt and some representations of the American flag. After the president and his aides have repeatedly defended unsubstantiated voter corruption, there's a new crowd favourite: T-shirts that read Trump Won.Kadia Goba/ BuzzFeed News Donald Trump supporter Pam Niner was at the rally in Ohio, June 26Pam Niner, 65 years old, traveled over an hour from Centerburg to attend her third Trump rally. She attended the one in Circleville, Ohio last year, and another in Delaware, Ohio during 2016. She is eager to hear Trump announce his bid for 2024. However, she is certain that Trump did not lose the last election. Niner said that he won. Her Trump Won! shirt was almost as big as her knees. She said that there was so much evidence that it was stolen before saying that she could only believe that Biden won. Robert Clegg, 47 said that he believed Trump won when he was asked about it. He doesn't think Trump is a candidate for 2024. BuzzFeed News asked him to tell BuzzFeed News that he hasn't thought about Trump as a 2024 candidate. The statistics don't show how strong these beliefs are among such a large portion of the electorate. Trump won the rallying cry several times on Saturday. The attacks on President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and others have grown more visceral. London Roche, 26, and his friends wore white T shirts with black letters reading, Biden Swallows Kamala Swallows! and Fuck Joe & The Hoe on their backs. The shirts were $25, although they claimed they purchased them from the man selling the same T-shirts at the venue. Roche stated that he wanted to support Donald Trump. We all know that he won.Kadia Goba/ BuzzFeed News Trump supporter London Roche, and one of his friends at rally June 26Trump started to raise doubts about the election results last year and has been making unfounded claims since. Trump stated to the crowd that we won the election twice. It's possible that we will have to win the election again. Other speakers in the audience repeated the same rhetoric. Douglas Frank, a state math teacher, presented an in-depth analysis of his 2020 election results. He used algorithms to prove that the election was stolen. Two large screens were placed on either side of the stage and projected graphs and charts. PolitiFact, an online fact-checking site, gave Frank a "Pants on Fire” rating for the same analysis. According to the Michigan state Senate's latest report on the 2020 election, Frank was specifically criticized for an analysis that was not sound for many reasons. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican Rep., also claimed that Democrats stole the election and made false accusations. Greene stated that President Trump is also my president. He should be our president now, but the dirty, corrupt Democrats stole the election.Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Donald Trump greets the Lorain County Fairgrounds crowd on June 26, 2017.Catherine Mehalic (58), stood about 400 feet away on one of many food truck lines. She speculated on Trump's best way to get back to office. She didn't specify when. BuzzFeed News told her that she believes the audit will take it all down. She was referring to one nonbinding audit Republicans are running in several states to prove something about the election. It will expose the truth. Everyone knows that he won. She then repeated the statement with greater emphasis: Everybody knows that he won. Trump won 88% more votes in Ohio than Biden and flipped Lorain County where the event took place. Jane Timken, the Senate candidate, paid for a plane to circle the fairgrounds, with a sign that said Ohio is Trump Country. BuzzFeed News spoke with just one person who believed Biden had won the election. Barry Clodwick stated that he had watched the election results on Election Day to ensure nothing was wrong but was ultimately disappointed by what he saw. He said that Joe Biden won.