Nier: Re[in]carnation launching on Android on July 28, will be free-to-play

Nier lovers rejoice: Nier: Reincarnation has finally been released. It will launch on Android on July 28. Developers are offering rewards to all players who preregister for the game via the Play Store.Square Enix today announced the news via IGN. The game's gameplay demo was also shown off last month by the company. Square Enix initially announced the game at E3 but we were not given a release date. We only knew that it would be available on mobile devices.The game takes place in The Cage and features an unnamed character. According to the Play Store description, "She finds herself inside an infinitely vast area filled with buildings that touch even the sky." She is guided by Mama, a mysterious creature that calls herself Mama. She sets out to find the lost and atone for her sins.Square Enix encourages users to pre-register on the Play Store. Pre-registering will provide you with gems and Square Enix promises that it will increase the number of gems available to all registered gamers. All ships rise in equal measure. Although the game supports touch-screen controls, there are many good Bluetooth Android controllers available for gamers who don't feel at ease with them.