Rare Atari game donated to Fort Worth Goodwill store sold to bidder for record amount

You might find a rare commodity in those old, useless Atari games that were left behind in your parents attic.This is the lesson that Goodwill Fort Worth employees learned from an earlier auction.Alex Juarez, Goodwill North Central Texas item processor, was sorting through a bin of Atari games when he found an extremely rare Air Raid cartridge. This game, which was made by Men-A-Vision and is compatible with the Atari 2600, was released in 1982. Due to its unique T-shaped design, and blue coloring, this particular game cartridge is extremely rare. According to Goodwill, only 13 copies of this game cartridge exist.Goodwill placed the game on its website for auction on June 10, and it attracted more than 200 viewers. It was eventually sold for $10590.79.Juarez stated that when I was younger, my dad and me used to watch the top 10 most expensive videogames and other stuff. Juarez explained that this would appear all the time. It's almost surreal. To me, it's more like a piece in history than an expensive game. It's strange to know that this is the last time you will have something like it.Air Raid games were rare, making them so valuable for retro game collectors.According to Goodwill, a previous complete edition copy was sold in 2012 for $33,433.30. A cartridge-only copy was sold on eBay for $3,575, while a copy of the same title sold in 2012 for $33,433.30.Rosemary Cruz, Goodwill North Central Texas representative, stated that this is the most-sold single-piece item they have ever had.What can Goodwill do for $10,000? According to the organization, it can provide day rehabilitation services for one person with disabilities for a year or provide job placement services and community resources for 20 homeless people. It can also help 10 at-risk young people earn their GED and a salary.