Psaki stands by claims that Republicans are responsible for defunding the police

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, stood by Cedric Richmond's claims that Republicans had defunded America's police departments. Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy quoted Richmond saying that "Republicans defunded police" in a question to Psaki. "By not supporting the American Rescue Plan." How is this an argument? The president never said that police needed money to stop crime waves when he was selling his American Rescue Plan. Psaki replied, "The president did mention... that the American Rescue Plan (the state and local financing, something that was supported the president, a lot if Democrats who supported the bill and voted for it) could help ensure that local cops are kept on the beat throughout the country. TOP BIDEN ADVISER BLAMES GUNS FOR CRIME SURGE, INSISTS REPUBLICANS DEFUNDED POLICY She also said that she didn't get a single Republican vote. This money has been used for keeping cops on the case. It is absolutely shameful. Absolutely shameless. Curtis Houck, @CurtisHouck, June 28, 2021 Doocy said that the bill was intended to address local budget deficits, and not stop the rise in crime that has plagued large swathes of the country. Psaki replied, "I think any local department would argue keeping cops on beat to keep communities safer when they had to, due to budget shortfalls to [firing] police] is something that helps them to address crime in their community." Continue the story Psaki's response comes as Biden tries to put the blame for America's rise in crime on gun violence. Last week, Biden stated that his administration was giving new guidance to local governments about how federal funds can be used to combat the increase in crime. Biden stated that they are now giving more information to cities on how they can make use of the $350 billion the American Rescue Plan has nationally to reduce crime and address root causes. The American Rescue Plan dollars were used to help cities with an increase in gun violence to hire officers and pay overtime. Republicans argue that Democrats should be held responsible for cities under Democratic control, which have taken steps to reduce or defund funding for police departments. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINER The bill prevents local governments from defunding law enforcement. Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis signed a bill to penalize local governments for defunding police. It will be possible to stop it at state level. You can see that crime has gone up in some of these areas. Washington Examiner Videos Tags: News, Jen Psaki, Joe Biden, Gun Violence, Crime, Enforcement, Ron DeSantis Original Author: Michael Lee Original Location: Psaki continues to claim that Republicans are responsible in defunding police forces


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