England's Luke Shaw bemused by Jose Mourinho's continued criticism: 'I am trying to move on but he can't'

Luke Shaw admitted that he was confused by Jose Mourinho’s latest criticisms of him, and said that his former Manchester United manager "needs" to "move on".The relationship between them during Mourinho's Old Trafford tenure was sometimes fraught. Shaw was singled out on multiple occasions.Mourinho was never a fan of the 25-year-old but he has re-established his career after his December 2018 dismissal. He has also regained his place in the England squad and started the two Euro 2020 matches.Mourinho still points the finger at Mourinho three years later, calling his set-piece performance in Tuesday's 1-0 victory over the Czech Republic "very poor" as well as "dramatically terrible"Image: Shaw started England's two previous games at Euro 2020.Shaw believes Mourinho was unfairly targeting him in his role of radio pundit during Euro 2020. However, Shaw insists that he isn't bothered by the comments of Gareth Southgate.He said, "I don’t really understand it." I don't understand why he keeps going on about me and trying to point at my face. I don't think the set-pieces were nearly as bad as he said."I may have done one in halftime, a corner. But I couldn't get past the first man. That was only one of three. I do not believe the other two or three were as "dramatically terrible" as he claims."Look, he must do his job. He is entitled to his opinion. I'm used to hearing him say negative things about me so I just ignore it. It is okay. I just let it go. I focus only on Gareth's words and what Gareth has to say.His voice is clearly very large. As everyone has seen, he loves to talk about me a lot. His voice is his. He can speak what he wishes.Image: Mourinho was a pundit for Euro 2020 this summer"I will be focusing on me. United gives me set-pieces, so it wasn’t like it was something that I wasn’t ready for."Shaw said that his England team-mates even noticed that Mourinho seems to be unfairly criticizing him. He suggested that the former Real Madrid boss and Chelsea manager's best managerial days might now be behind them.He said, "There's no hiding that we didn’t get on,"He was a great manager, but the past is past. It's time to move on. He can't."He constantly talks about me, which is quite odd. Some of the guys have even said, "What's his problem?" Some of the lads have even said "What's his problem?" and "Why does he keep on talking?"He just needs to get on with his life. I hope he will find his peace and be able to stop worrying about me. He clearly has my back and thinks a lot about me.Uli Kohler, Sky Germany's Uli says that it will be good for Germany for Jadon Sancho not to start against England on Tuesday and that the Borussia Dortmund forward has a better form than Raheem sterling and Marcus RashfordAfter an 18-month stint at Tottenham, Mourinho was appointed the new Roma head coach in May. He has also been speaking on radio as a pundit throughout their Euro 2020 coverage.Shaw responded to a question about whether he could now laugh at any criticism. "Yes," Shaw said."What he is saying now is nothing compared with what it was like in the past. I'm being completely honest. It is so passé now. I've grown up a lot."I learned a lot from the three years that I spent with him. It's easy for me to ignore him now, and I even find it fun to laugh about it. It's better to ignore it and continue living my life.1:01 Former England striker Alan Smith believes there is a better time than now to help Gareth Southgate's team beat GermanyShaw doesn't care about the past. He is more interested in the preparations for Tuesday's 16th-hour clash between England and Germany.When asked about what it would be like to beat their old rivals, he replied "It would feel incredible."It would be amazing not only for us players but also for the entire nation to see it. Naturally, the past is history."But we as players want to tell our story as a team. You know how to do that by beating Germany on Tuesday, setting the tone for the rest.Peter Smith talks to Gary Neville ahead of England vs Germany in order to discuss tactics for the big last-16 tie at Euro 2020.Sky Sports' pundit explains why playing a back-three can not only help England to nullify Germany’s wingbacks, but also allow the Three Lions' attack to "cause massive issues" at the other end.Neville also talks about Raheem Sterling’s leadership in the team, the lessons the current generation can take from Euro 96 heartbreak, Germany and why he thinks England can win over their old rivalsWill it happen again? Jamie Carragher believes that England vs Germany will face penalties in Tuesday's 16th of Euro 2020 at Wembley.Peter Smith joined Sky Sports' pundit to discuss the match and explain why they may only be separated by spot-kicks.Carragher also discusses England's defense, which has kept three clean sheets. He also explains Gareth Southgate's factors when deciding whether to pick Jordan Henderson. And he talks about whether Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell still have a role to play, despite being unavailable until Monday.England and Germany are rivals in international football. The two countries are on a collision course in Euro 2020's last-16. Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp joined Peter Smith to analyze both camps before Tuesday's match at Wembley.Jamie Redknapp, a member of the England squad dumped out of Euro 96 by Germany, assesses the Three Lions' performances in the group stages of Euro 2020 and explains why Gareth Southgate's talented squad have nothing to fear against the Germans.The prospect of facing England at Wembley is one every Germany player will relish irrespective of an inconsistent group stage, according to Sky Germany reporter Uli Kohler, who talks tactics, Jamal Musiala, Jadon Sancho and the dreaded prospect of penalties with Peter in part two.