Watch: A Fan Holding a Large Sign Sparks a Massive Crash at Tour de France

A spectator caused a major crash on Saturday's first stage of Tour de France. Evidently, the spectator was trying to attract the attention of TV cameras. He was stepping onto the road slightly and holding a sign that extended onto the path for the cyclists. Tony Martin, a German cyclist, apparently did not have enough time to stop and hit the sign. Martin fell and it was followed by a domino effect that saw many riders fall to the ground. Jasha Stterlin was the only rider who had to withdraw from the race due to injury.AdvertisementA spectator attempted to put a cardboard sign on the TV, but it was not Rob Ralston, @PolicyRelevant June 26, Daniel (@cyclingreporter), June 26, 2021AdvertisementAllez Opi Omi! was the sign. It is a combination of French and German, and it means "Come on Grandpa-Grandma!". The crash that followed took place with just 28 miles remaining in the first stage. This caused a lot of delays for riders. Some waited for new bikes while others waited for the road to clear. It was described by Daniel McMahon, a cycling reporter, as the worst Tour de France accident he's ever witnessed.Take a look at this horrible mess that resulted Timothy Burke, (@bubbaprog), June 26, 2021AdvertisementAfter the accident, Tour de France tweeted a message to its fans: We are glad to have you on the sidelines of the road on #TDF2021. Respect the safety of riders if you want the Tour to be a success! Do not risk your life for a picture or for television!Tour De France crash sends me straight SPUN Guile Reese (@buffalobillspop), June 26, 2021Advertisement