Trump dishes the red meat but keeps revenge on ice

Trump gave a lengthy but familiar speech in which he took aim at political foes, raised a number of grievances and waxed poetically about his time in office. He also entertained a group of right-wing figures who helped to support conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election.Tony Hocevar, a long-standing supporter of Trump from the Cleveland region, stated that he would like to hear Trump speak more about the same topics.Trump raged for over an hour against the Biden administration's immigration policies and Vice President Kamala Hariri's trip to the southern frontier. He also slammed Gen. Mark Milley, and woke generals about their remarks on critical race theory. Trump recited the chants "lock her up!" about Hillary Clinton, and read The Snake, a favorite poem of his 2016 campaign trail supporters.Trump stated that the subject matter is quite depressing because it should never have happened. They used Covid to steal our election."The people were supportive of Trump and eager for him to announce another run for President. Over half a dozen rallygoers were interviewed and said that they wanted Trump's announcement of his plans to run again in 2024.Richard Stachurski said, "I hope he's either looking to race or run for Speaker of The House." He was referring to rumors among Trump supporters that Trump could run and win a House election, then take over as Speaker.Many thousands of supporters packed the streets hours before Trump appeared on stage, many wearing T-shirts reading "Trump 2024" and "Trump Is My President." As Trump's speech lasted over an hour, many supporters began to leave. Some were frustrated that the jumbotron didn't show live video.Before Trump took to the stage, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R.Ga.), was met with a standing ovation before she called for Dr. Anthony Fauci's firing.Lock him up! The crowd shouted, "Lock him up!"Let me ask you one question: Who is President? Greene answered. Trump! Trump! Trump! The crowd called back.Rallygoers demanded selfies with Mike Lindell, MyPillow CEO. He has promoted false theories about election fraud and is currently being sued by Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell claims that the company rigged this election.In a rare move to kick off a political rally, Douglas Frank, a Cincinnati math teacher, presented a PowerPoint presentation that included charts and numbers to convince the crowd that he has data supporting his claims of widespread, coordinated electoral fraud. As he walked through his slideshow, the crowd sat in silence.Trump attended a fundraiser and VIP reception in support of Miller before the rally. This was attended by prominent donors and Republican Senate primary candidates who were eager to secure his endorsement.Jane Timken, former Ohio GOP chairwoman flew on a plane bearing a banner reading Ohio is Trump Country. She also handed out flyers that stated she was the Only True Pro Trump America First Candidate.Trump acknowledged all candidates by name, but he did not offer any endorsement.Instead, he polled his audience. "Who likes Jane Timken?" Who likes Josh Mandel Gibbons? (Trump failed to mention Bernie Moreno in the audience survey.)J.D. could be the fifth candidate to enter the race next week. Vance, who is the author of "Hillbilly Elegy", was present at the rally and stated that he would make an announcement next week regarding his decision to run.