AOC Shrugs Off Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Little Communist' Insult: 'First of All, I'm Taller'

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, loves to make fun of her opposition to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York. She attacks her at rallies and confronts her aggressively on Capitol Hill. Greene was back in the fray on Saturday, when she appeared before Trump's first post-presidential rally at Wellington, Ohio. Greene called OcasioCortez, a little communist from New York City, at one point during her speech.Ocasio Cortez was mentioned in the crowd, and they booed. Greene encouraged them to continue their support for Ocasio Cortez's sentence. Yes, lock her up. Greene stated that this is a great idea. She is not an American. She doesn't really embrace American values.AdvertisementMarjorie Taylor Greene called AOC a little communist, and said locking her up was a good idea. AOC is not an American Acyn [@Acyn] June 26, 2021AdvertisementAdvertisementIt is a serious accusation to say that her fellow lawmaker, born in New York, was not an American. Some were quick to accuse Greene racism. Ocasio Cortez did not get into the controversy and instead focused on the communist aspect of the remarks. Ocasio Cortez tweeted, "First of all, I am taller than she." The facts are indisputable. By one inch. AOC stated that she is 5-foot-4 in a tweet from 2019, and lists Green at 5-foot-3.AdvertisementOcasio Cortez isn't the only one to dismiss Greene's insults. She refused to engage. Ocasio-Cortez stated last month that she is used to dealing in service industries with people like Greene. She said that she used to be a bartender. These were the people I used to throw out of bars all the times. This isn't about me feeling. This is about how I feel. Greene shouted, "You don't care about the American people." Why are you supporting terrorists and Antifa?" Ocasio Cortez's office called on Congress to take concrete steps to ensure that Congress is a civil, safe place for all members and staff.