Bill Barr Reveals Details of Fight With Trump Over Election Fraud Claims: 'It Was All Bullsh*t'

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has been working hard to repair his reputation and is now speaking out about his fights against former President Donald Trump. Barr stated that he believed Trump's claims of fraud in election were bogus from the beginning. My attitude was, It was put up or shut down time, Barr stated in an Atlantic piece under the headline William Barr speaks. I didn't have any motive to suppress evidence of fraud. My suspicion was that there wasn't anything there. It was all bullshit.AdvertisementBarr stated that he had been suspicious of fraud claims made by former presidents, partly because he believed Biden would win the election. He allowed the prosecutors to investigate any irregularities and opened his own investigation. He insists that he did not believe them but to be able counter the claims. Barr stated that the often-repeated claims of rigged voting machines were just bullshit.AdvertisementAdvertisementBarr felt pressured by the Justice Department and Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell to denounce the false claims as the weeks went on after the election. McConnell was scared of doing it because he thought it would get Trump mad and he would not campaign in Georgia. According to Barr, McConnell stated that we need the president of Georgia. We cannot attack him now. You are better able to bring some reality into the situation. It is possible only because you are the only one capable of doing it.AdvertisementBarr then told an Associated Press reporter early December that we had not yet seen fraud that could have effected a different result in the election. What the fuck did you do to me? Trump asked why he said it. Barr claimed he was telling the truth. Trump must be hated. The former president said that Trump must be hated. Barr countered, accusing Trump of creating a clown show and not an organized challenge to his election. Barr claimed that this is why you are here. Trump may be correct about this. Barr resigned two weeks later.